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Tuesday, January 17, 2006

School news: Via P.A. or iPod?

Edgewater High School in central Florida wants to make tech work for students. Principal Rob Anderson podcasts his daily announcements, the Orlando Sentinel reports, and "within a few months, about a dozen teachers will begin podcasting lectures," as well as taking InterWrite SchoolPads (wireless keyboards) home to do "virtual tutoring" - "so students at any computer can get real-time answers. Connected by the school's network, they'll converse by instant message or email," reports the Sentinel, indicating that podcasting, blogging, and virtual tutoring, which started at the university level, are now "creeping into elementary and secondary schools across the country." Edgewater High School has a science, technology and computer magnet program. Across the country, here's the Arizona Republic on the technologies teachers are testing – iPods, handheld computers, and blogs – and how it's working.


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