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Thursday, June 08, 2006

Gangs in social-networking sites

Not too surprisingly (because social networks are just a reflection of our culture), "gangstas" are showing up on these sites. The Dallas Morning News reported that is not just gang members but also "wannabees" acting out (posting photos of themselves displaying gang symbols, holding weapons, and partying) bragging about their exploits on social-networking sites. Police investigators are reporting this, but it's great that they're also reporting that some of it's a big act. "Many of the Web postings come from kids who merely want to imitate the gangster image, which is not illegal, investigators say." But parents, get this: "They add that they have to take the sites seriously because some of the postings come from serious gang members and many of the 'wannabes' can become real dangers." Just another clear reminder of how important it is for us to help our kids think through the implications of their behavior in digital public spaces.


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