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Thursday, January 11, 2007

MySpace international

The French version of MySpace launched today, Reuters reports. It's the social-networking service's "second officially live country site behind the UK" (where it had 6.9 million visitors in November, the most recent figure available). Ireland's still in beta. The German MySpace, with 2.4 million monthly visitors, is expected to launch "in a few weeks" and the Italian "within a couple of months." MySpace's biggest competitor in France is Skyblog (with 7 million unique visitors in November, compared to MySpaces 1.3 million in that country). "Skyblog, which grew out of a French rap radio station, has been working on English, Spanish and German blogging services to compete with its rival online communities in France," according to Reuters. Internationally, Skyblog has 13.2 million visitors in November, compared to MySpace's 82.6 million.


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