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Thursday, December 06, 2007

Cellphone etiquette

I think you will appreciate, as I did, these fundamentals for working with young cellphone users on the best ways and places to use those phones. They're from author and parenting specialist Jan Faull. She looks at where to talk, when to talk, and the example we grownup cellphone users are setting for them. Here are a couple more pointers I would add: 1) Know when and how much your child is using his mobile - for talking and texting (the latter being silent, so harder to get a handle on) - and establish boundaries. 2) Know what else she's using her phone for (photo-sharing? video-uploading?) and talk about the implications for her and other people in what's being shared. See also's "Cellphone Safety Tips" and this on a study about the role of cellphones in "teen dating abuse" and what parents know about it.



Blogger Sima Nadler said...

Hi Anne,
Thanks for all the useful information. This is definitely an important issue as kids get into their teen and tween years. One of the best ways of teaching cell phone etiquette is by example. I know I find myself sometimes texting or talking when I shouldn't be. I also have written about this a bit

Another topic that is interesting is how we as parents use this technology. Are we helping or hindering our childrens' level of independece. Interested in hearing your views on this.


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