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2006: Year of Mac attacks?

First things first: Mac users, if you haven’t already downloaded it, be sure to check for the just-released security update from Apple (click on Software Update under System in System Preferences). It patches 13 flaws. Now for that arresting question about 2006. It may very well be time for Mac users to ditch their false sense of security, says Washington Post security writer Brian Krebs, and not just because of this security update. His reasoning, after going into his local Apple store and finding it jammed with people and 10-15 degrees warmer than any other store in the mall: “Fact: Macs are coming down in price. Fact: More people are fed up with the incessant viruses, spyware etc. on Windows that switching to a Mac is more appealing than ever. My hunch: 2006 may turn out to be the year we start seeing a significant growth in the Mac user base, and with it, if not Mac viruses or worms, then at least some automated tools for attacking various Mac vulnerabilities.” BTW, if you’re a Windows PC owner, do not hesitate to take advantage of Microsoft’s free new service, Windows Live Safety Center, for “Protection,” “Clean Up,” and “Tune Up.”

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