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Did you know that’s what Bebo stands for? Well, that’s what its founders Michael Birch and Xochi Birch came up with after they bought the site’s domain name, The Observer reports in “How to make 80 million friends and influence people.” They originally intended to make the site for 30-somethings but quickly found out that there’s no controlling what Web 2.0’s drivers will cotton to, and they are not 30-something. The Observer goes in-depth on the some 25 million-member Bebo, noting some very interesting things (e.g., that Michael Birch believes SN is rapidly becoming a utility like file-sharing, rather than a destination, which I’m seeing too). And here’s an interesting anecdote: Birch told the Observer that a Beboer in Ireland (where it’s “a cultural phenomenon” told him that people in the Beboer’s small town weren’t getting along. But after a lot of them happened to join Bebo and got to know each other virtually, there was an unprecedented “community spirit in the town pub.” Bears out what we’re seeing about the way teens use MySpace – mostly as the digital version of and hangout for their real circle of friends.

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