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Music videos in cyberspace

If parents are concerned about what kids see in music videos, the Internet has good news and bad news. The bad news, depending on your POV, might be that music videos are accessible 24×7 online. The good news is that they’re much more bare-bones and about the music and the artists than all the sexy, peripheral dramatics of those huge-budget videos of the MTV days, USATODAY reports. The good news for music fans is choice and control (what the Internet is increasingly all about for just about any kind of media consumer): They don’t have to wait ‘n’ see what a broadcaster will dish up for them. They can find just about any video they want, when they want to see/hear it. And the fans themselves – not MTV – are putting bands on the charts these days. Music videos are still No. 2 in popularity, after movie trailers, according to USATODAY, but the numbers it cites point to nothing but growth. AOL Music and MTV Overdrive “maintain thriving video-on-demand vaults online. MSN is building one. Pulling roughly 24 million visitors monthly, Yahoo Music ranks first among digital music sites, and its video component is booming, with users glimpsing more than 350 million clips each month.”

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