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Anne Collier, editor, executive director, and founder of NetFamilyNews, is an analyst, author and journalist who has worked in media since 1980 - in print and radio and on TV and the Web. She was a stringer for the Christian Science Monitor in Southeast Asia and later served as Asia editor; associate producer for MonitorRadio; and Tokyo correspondent and award-winning, Boston-based national correspondent for World Monitor, a nightly TV news program that aired nationwide on The Discovery Channel. In 1996 she helped launch as the Monitor's online editor. Since then, Anne has worked at the intersection of journalism, advocacy, and technology, as she observed kids making huge strides in tech fluency while parents lagged further and further behind. Before launching The Sage Letter, Version 1.0 of the Net Family Newsletter, with its founders in mid-'97 (please see below), Anne served as an information-design consultant to nonprofit organizations for their Web sites. In January 1999 she launched Tech Parenting Group, the nonprofit public service that publishes NetFamilyNews, which is now a daily blog and RSS feed as well as weekly email newsletter and archival Web site.

In 2005, to help parents negotiate the new phenomena of teen blogging and social-networking, Anne and Larry Magid (see below) co-founded (formerly BlogSafety) to give parents a voice in the public discussion about this user-driven phase called "Web 2.0." Shortly thereafter they co-wrote MySpace Unraveled: A Parent's Guide to Teen Social Networking (Peachpit Press, 2006), the first such book published. Anne has been a contributor to Children's Software Revue magazine and the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children's With Hemanshu Nigam, chief security officer and SVP, News Corps., Anne co-chairs the Online Safety & Technology Working Group in Washington, the first such task force of the Obama administration, and in 2008 served on the Internet Safety Technical Task Force at Harvard's Berkman Center for Internet & Society. She serves on the Advisory Council of the Washington- and London-based Family Online Safety Institute and the Advisory Board of Washington-based, and she works in close association with sister organizations,, and London-based Childnet International.

Lawrence Magid's is one of the world's best-known and oldest Internet safety resources. The site contains a range of resources on Internet safety for parents and children, including rules, advice, and contracts for family Internet use. Larry, a dad himself, is the author of the earliest and most widely circulated Internet safety guide, Child Safety on the Information Highway, published in 1994 by the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children. Updated and reprinted many times, it has become the standard work by which all other guides are judged. He serves on the board of the National Center. Larry is however, first and foremost, a journalist and commentator on technology matters. A syndicated technology columnist for more than two decades, Magid's columns have appeared in the New York Times, Los Angeles Times, Washington Post, Chicago Tribune, San Francisco Chronicle, St. Louis Post-Dispatch, International Herald Tribune,, AOL,, and numerous newspapers and Web sites throughout the world. Magid currently contributes to the New York Times Circuits section and serves as on-air Technology Analyst for CBS News. His technology reports can be heard several times a week on CBS network and affiliate stations throughout the United States. In addition, Magid appears frequently on television and contributes regularly to radio programs in other parts of the world, including the early morning show on LBL radio in London.

Jean Armour Polly, also known as Net-mom®, is the author of six editions of Net-mom's Internet Kids & Family Yellow Pages (Osborne McGraw-Hill), a family-friendly directory to 3,500 of the best children's resources the Internet has to offer. Librarian and mom as well, Jean has tinkered with Internet accounts since 1991 and has participated in online telecommunities for more than 20 years. She wrote the original "Surfing the Internet" back in 1992, and is widely credited with coining the term. In 1993, she became one of the first two women elected to the Internet Society Board of Trustees. Under her Net-mom brand, Jean is an internationally known speaker and consultant. She is the Web site review editor and columnist for, a family media literacy organization based in San Francisco. Past clients have included America Online, The Bertelsmann Foundation, Children's Television Workshop, Disney Online, MCI Foundation, The Morino Institute, and TCI.Net. She has also been a television and radio product spokeswoman for GuardiaNet, Ask Jeeves for Kids, and She appeared in video and voice-over on Cruise Control, an online safety CD-ROM produced jointly by, the Urban League, TechCorps, and the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children. She has also served on the Board and the Advisory Council of the Internet Content Rating Association. Most recently, Jean was appointed to the At-Large Advisory Council to ICANN and occupies one of its three North American seats. In that capacity, she represents the Domain Name Service concerns of Internet end-users, including families and young people.

Co-Founders of The Sage Letter, Version 1.0 of NetFamilyNews

Lynne Bundesen is the author of seven books, an award-winning journalist, and a renowned Web site designer/manager. She serves as a consultant to the Web site of Dr. Andrew Weil. Bundesen teaches writing at the Boston Theological Institute and also at the Connecticut Conservatory for the Arts. Lynne, who has lived throughout Asia, Europe, and the United States, has worked for the Washington Post, the Los Angeles Herald, and the Christian Science Monitor. She has created and managed numerous online projects, including Prodigy's Religion Bulletin Board; Southam Technology Web pages and bulletin boards; the National Association for Female Executives' Web site, which received two Best of Web Awards; and Microsoft's online communities and interest groups. Her most recent book is Click: 101 Computer Projects for Kids and Grown-ups from Simon & Schuster.

Jenny Ambrozek is founding member of SageNet LLC, a consulting firm that specializes in applying community tools to promote member loyalty to a site and to deliver customer service. Jenny learned first-hand about day-to-day management of online communities and member relations during eight years at Prodigy. As Director, Community Development, she was responsible for community components (Web pages, chat rooms, newsletters, bulletin boards, file libraries) in areas ranging from entertainment to technology to parenting. Jenny connected with online technology in 1985 whilst working with the Australian Caption Center. She was editor of The Edutel Book: A Guide to Videotex in Education. Edutel was an educational service on Prestel standard Videotex, which she managed.

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