Internet Parents

Join our growing circle of Internet parents and grandparents who are...

*Helping children make good use of the Internet - at home and in school.
*Helping the Internet be a force for good in education and communication.
*Helping schools use the Internet as a tool for empowering children and broadening their horizons.

We all are engaged in the grassroots part of an effort to bring out the best of the Internet and what it offers children and their educators. While Internet companies, law-enforcement agencies, the federal government, and advocacy groups are struggling in Washington to make the 'Net family-friendly, thousands of us are doing our part in small, possibly more powerful ways - family by family and school by school.

It's an exciting time. Parents are asking each other for help in grasping this somewhat intimidating "thing" called the Web. Busy teachers and administrators are turning to parents for help as they struggle to get up to speed on how to intelligently incorporate the Web into their curricula. As the pressure, opportunity, and funding - from state and federal education authorities - grows to "get connected," schools are reaching out to parents at an unprecedented level. Now, parents and schools are experts together as we gingerly learn-as-we-go in this marriage of technology and education. is developing an international clearinghouse for parents and grandparents interested in this pioneering effort. In it, Sage participants will not only get what the experts have to say, they tap into each other's expertise - questions and answers for one another, tips from the Sage Family, interviews with educators and industry leaders, and support for our efforts.

We all look forward to receiving your input! If you are interested in supporting a community for Internet educators, we'd love to hear from you. E-mail us at

*WEB FORUM - We are considering developing a Web forum, where we can be one another's experts. Tell us if you'd like to see a forum happen.

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