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We've been covering all aspects of children's use of the Internet and digital media since 1997, when the U.S. Supreme Court struck down the Communications Decency Act and the Internet industry starting holding summits on children's online safety.

So there's actually a lot of history here, from major milestones in Net safety, research, legislation, technology, and education to individual parents' and children's interests and concerns sent in via email. For example, you can type in the names of sites, games, apps, and virtual worlds popular with youth, the latest research on kids' online safety, information and resources on cyberbullying, and commentary on parenting & the media shift.

The quickest: Search for a term in the box above or on my home page, click to one of the results turned up, then search that page (Ctrl + "F" or Command + "F") for your word/phrase.

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There are several site search engines going back through the years: WordPress's on most pages, Google, and, on some of the oldest pages, FreeFind.

Typical Google search result:
Net Family Newsletter... Family Tech: A tech-literate dad on file-sharing; Web News Briefs: Teens' blog life;
Blogs help Iranian political prisoner; Net use in 14 countries; Canada's ... - Similar pages

The section in bold before ".html" indicates the date of the issue (in this case Jan. 16, 2004). When you click on "Net Family Newsletter" and go to that issue of the newsletter, just do a page search for your topic (e.g., "blogs"). [To conduct a page search, hold down the Ctrl or Command key and hit "F" for "find."]

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