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Reader Survey/Fall '99

Dear Readers:

It's time we got to know you better! With your answers to this survey we can do several things: find the right sponsors, improve the service we provide you, and represent you better when we work with the Internet industry and children's advocacy organizations on improving children's quality of life online.

[Important note: Don't hit "Enter" or "Return" until you've finished the survey - if you do, you're telling the server you've completed all the questions.] The information you send us will only be used in aggregate for the above purposes. We are not gathering, and will not sell, personal data on anyone! As soon as we've compiled the results we'll post them in this site. Thank you so much for your time and thoughtfulness.

1.  Are you male or female (pls state if you're a mom or dad, grandmother
or grandfather)?
2.  What state or province do you live in? (Delighted to hear what country, too, if you're 
outside North America.)
3.  How many computers do you have in your house? 
4.  How many of the computers are online , and 
how do you connect? (Please check ISP type below....)
America Online Other Internet service provider (pls specify which...)
5.  Approximately how many hours do you personally spend online a week? 
6.  Is your interest in online news for parental  and/or professional  
reasons? If professional, pls tell us your occupation:
7.  How many years  or months  has your family been online? If you're 
a teacher, how many years or months has your classroom been online?
8.  How many children are online in your house?
Number of boys: Their ages are: Number of girls: Their ages are:
9.  For what activities do you children use the Net? Please check appropriate 
Email Homework Information-gathering/research Chat
Internet games Window-shopping (product info-gathering)
Shopping (buying things online) Online greeting cards/postcards
Downloading or listening to music Sports information
Other home or classroom use (pls specify):
10.  Approximately how much time does each of your children spend 
online per week (e.g., older boy, 6 hrs; little sister, 2 hrs)?
11.  Which, if any, of these online-safety tools do you use? (Pls check
any/all tools you use....)
Filtering, monitoring, time-out, or other software on your home computer
(client-based)? Pls specify type of product(s) you use: Filtering service by your ISP (server-based filtering)? Kids' browser? Pls specify which: AOL parental controls? Other (pls specify:) No online-safety measures at this time
12.  Do you have concerns about children's online safety and privacy?
No If yes, what are your greatest concerns (top 2 or 3)?
13.  Do you have family online-safety rules or a family policy on using the Net? 
No If yes, "Our family's policy is/rules are...
14.  If you're a teacher, pls tell us what basic Internet-use policies your
classroom/school/district has (or just give us the URL if the policies are online):
15.  Do you know how to get answers to your questions about 
kids' online safety/privacy?
No If yes, what Web site(s) or source(s) work for you?
16.  Do you believe there should be filtering on computers that children use in
schools, libraries, and other public spaces?
No Yes It depends. Please explain:
17.  Are you involved with Internet use and policy at schools and/or 
libraries in your community?
No Yes
18.  Do you have concerns about kids shopping online?...
No If yes, would you share them with us?
19.  Do sites that teach children financial responsibility ease your concerns?
Yes No
20.  Do the grownups in your family shop online?
If yes, what types of products? Pls check appropriate box(es) below:
Airline tickets Computer hardware Software Software for kids Toys Books Big-ticket items (appliance, car, etc.) Other (pls specify:)
21.  What kinds of news or information would you like to see in 
our newsletter, or what other changes/services would you like to see
at Net Family News?
22.  Is there anything else you'd like to share with us? 
23.  Your email address is: 

Thanks again. Sincerely,

Net Family News

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