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Reader Survey/Fall 2000

Dear Readers:

Welcome to our second-annual reader survey, and thank you for filling it out! All that we learned from you last year (see the 12/17/99 issue) only confirmed the need to check in with you annually. Your perspectives are vital to the public discourse on kids online. With your answers, we can do several things: find the right funding sources, improve the service we provide you, and represent you better when we work with the Internet industry and children's advocacy organizations on improving children's quality of life online.

[Important note: Don't hit "Enter" or "Return" until you've finished the survey - if you do, you're telling the server you've completed all the questions.] The information you send us will only be used in aggregate for the above purposes. We are not gathering, and will not sell, personal data on anyone! Once we've compiled the results we'll summarize and publish the findings for you. Thank you so much for your time and thoughtfulness.

1.  Are you a  mom, dad, grandparent or other relative? 
2.  What state or province do you live in? (Delighted to hear what country, too, if you're 
outside North America.)
3.  How many computers do you have in your house? 
4.  How many of the computers are online , and 
how do you connect? America Online Other Internet service provider (pls specify which...)
5.  Is your interest in online news for parental  and/or professional  
6.  Please tell us your occupation: 
7.  What kind of Internet connection does your household have?
Dial-up (28.8 or 56k modem) High-speed connection (DSL or cable modem)
We're not connected at home.
8.  How many years  or months  has your family been online? If you're 
a teacher, how many years or months has your classroom been online?
9.  How many children are online in your house?
Number of boys: Their ages are: Number of girls: Their ages are:
10.  Approximately how much time does each of your children spend 
online per week (e.g., older boy, 6 hrs; little sister, 2 hrs)?
11.  Does your family use any online-safety tools, such as filtering software? Pls check 
any/all tools you use....
Parental guidance only (acceptable use policy, parent/child communication, etc.). Filtering, monitoring, time-out, or other software on your home computer
(client-based). Pls specify type of product(s) you use: Filtering service by an ISP (server-based filtering). Kids' Web browser. AOL parental controls? Please tell us why/how this approach works for your family.
12.  What is your greatest concern in the area of children's online safety and privacy
(e.g., online hate, violence, sexually explicit content, privacy, e-commerce, etc.)? If more than
one, pls prioritize, putting greatest concern first:
13.  Do you have family online-safety rules or a family policy on using the Net? 
No If yes, "Our family's policy is/rules are...
14.  Are you finding the information you need for your family on the new law, the
Children's Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA)?
No If yes, please tell us what source/Web site has been helpful.
15.  What do you think of the law requiring filtering on computers that children use in
schools and libraries?
16.  If you're a teacher, pls tell us what basic Internet-use policies your
classroom/school/district has (or just give us the URL if the policies are online):
17.  What information do you - as a parent or teacher -  need most about children's 
online safety, if any?
18.  How can we improve Net Family News for you? 
19.  Your email address is: 

Thanks again. Sincerely,

Net Family News

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