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Net-Savvy Kids and Grownups

Here’s a whole treasure chest of Internet wisdom – mostly from regular people like you and me, learning as they go about how best to work with children in cyberspace. These are interviews with and profiles of Web-literate kids, parents, teachers, librarians, and Web professionals who have been featured in the newsletter.

  • Bullying & cyberbullying: Samantha’s story – National American Miss 2005 uses her tough experience in middle and high school to educate students, parents, educators, and law enforcement – 10/21/05
  • Teacher to parents: Be wary of teen blogs – An elementary and middle school tech teacher in San Francisco is educating parents, too (on what’s being blogged by kids and young teens) – 6/3/05
  • Kids IM-ing: A teacher’s perspective – Dr. Bob Price at the Haworth School in New Jersey offers insights – 4/22/05
  • Tips from a tech-savvy dad – A tech company CEO and dad in California on fan sites of a different sort, “cross-over sites,” and IM protection – Part 1, 4/8/05 and Part 2, 4/15/05
  • ‘Chanslash’: The other Net porn kids can access – A mom and fanfiction writer in Texas speaks out – 3/11/05
  • A dad on teen blogsDan in Calif. relates how he and his daughter worked through the issues – 3/4/05
  • Interview with Emily Smith, vp of Disney’s – FF’s first-annual, kid-tested, parent-approved Video Game of the Year awards 11/19/04
  • Interview with school counselor Amanda, Part 1: The IM life of middle-schoolers – 10/1/04
  • Nancy Willard of the Center for Safe & Responsible Internet use on Cyberbullying – how to cyberbully-proof your kids and more – 9/10/04
  • Det. Bob Williams on basic Net safety at home – an introduction and first tip of a series – 2/13/04 (the complete series can be found here)
  • Tim La Fazia interview, Part 2: A tech-literate dad on file-sharing – the second half of a conversation with Tim La Fazia, CEO of CorePROTECT – 1/16/04
  • Tim La Fazia interview, Part 1: IM risks & tips for parents – based on a conversation with Tim La Fazia, father of six and CEO of data security company CorePROTECT – 1/9/04
  • The dad behind, a new Web resource for parents – a conversation with Dr. Herb Lin, father and co-director of the milestone National Research Council project, “Youth, Pornography, & the Internet – 9/5/03
  • Teens on Tech, Part 4: Parents’ views on the differences between how they and their teenagers use the Net – from conversations with teens and their parents about tech – 5/16/03
  • Teens on Tech, Part 3: Steve, Will, and Elizabeth on teens’ online lifestyles – from conversations with teens about tech – 5/9/03
  • Teens on Tech, Part 2: Steve, Will, and Elizabeth on music & file-sharing – from conversations with teens about tech – 5/2/03
  • Teens on Tech, Part 1: Steve (16), Will (16), and Elizabeth (17) on instant-messaging – in a four-part series based on conversations with teens (and their parents) on how they use tech – 4/25/03
  • How a 15-year-old Webmaster took on Warner Bros. – profile of Heather Lawver, activist and owner of an award-winning Harry Potter fan site – 2/21/03
  • One smart, 9-year-old surfer – interview with “Allie” – 1/17/03
  • Shelley Pasnik, expert on kids and media, and her new site for parents, “Growing with Media,” at – 10/11/02
  • The FTC’s “spam czar” with advice on how to keep down the unsolicited email coming into your family’s email in-boxes – 7/19/02
  • A grandmother in North Carolina asks about children’s vs. pornographers’ rights on the Net – her story plus Q&A, with responses from experts and Net Family News’s editor – 5/10/02
  • A mom’s IM-monitoring story – interview with Michigander Betsy, mother of an avid 15-year-old user of instant-messaging – 3/15/02
  • A police officer’s perspective on online safety – interview with Officer Ken Hansen, founding member of the Utah Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force – 2/1/02
  • The best Web sites for kids (or anyone) from the best source – review of writer, librarian, and mom Jean Armour Polly’s latest edition of “Net-mom’s Internet Kids & Family Yellow Pages” –1/25/02
  • Gamers’ advice for parents – thoughtful comments from teenagers on keeping it under control – 11/20/01, plus insights into today’s ever-more-‘sophisticated’ games
  • Gamers’ views on games (all sorts – Net-based, console, etc.) – 3 teen gamers provide insights on this much-hyped form of entertainment – 11/16/01 (see also their descriptions of favorite games and comments on other issues)
  • Backgrounder on online safety in Europe – Childnet International’s director, Nigel Williams, provides the broad view – 11/9/01
  • A young Net expert’s rules for online safety at home – 10-year-old Nick and his mom talk about what works at their house – 10/12/01 issue
  • An educator’s view of online safety in school – CIPA expert Nancy Willard offers the basics of a comprehensive plan for acceptable Internet use in school – 9/28/01 issue (and, the following week,Part 2 with a simple framework for constructive Net use at school)
  • Hard-won wisdom from a 14-year-old subscriber – An email from Ashley in Florida about communicating online and some ways to protect oneself – 8/3/01 issue
  • Lessons of a tech-literate family – Profile based on an interview with Laura, journalist and parent of an avid IM-user, Web-smart 14-year-old who recently lost her IM privileges (read this and find out why!) – 7/20/01 issue
  • Insights from the director of a new site for ‘tweens – interview with author, parent, and “reluctant adult” Jess Brallier, creator and editorial director of Kids’ Learning Network – 7/6/01 issue
  • Wired in the classroom (with pocket PCs) – interview with Mindsurf head of research Mickey Revenaugh about how students learn with wirelessly connected handheld computers – 6/15/01 issue
  •’s simple-but-carefully-researched COPPA compliance – interview with Kids Running’s Webmaster Carol Goodrow, runner and 1st-grade teacher to boot – 6/1/01 issue
  • Online safety guide for parents – interview with entrepreneur and software expert Josh Finer on his new information and e-tail site – 5/4/01 issue
  • Kids & Net ethics – interview with Net security expert Winn Schwartau on his timely new book for kids (“…and Parents & Teachers Who Haven’t Got a Clue”) – 4/20/01 issue
  • Parents’ views on instant-messaging & teens – Email from parents and teachers in response to a teen’s request – 3/9/01 issue
  • Librarians’ views on filtering – interview with librarians in Montana on kids’s Internet access at public libraries – 1/26/01 issue
  • Students & Internet ethics – interview with a Texas junior-high teacher – 1/19/01 issue
  • Kids’ software: Our favorite scouting party – a profile of Children’s Software Revue magazine and Web site, based on an interview with editor Warren Buckleitner – 1/12/01 issue
  • Kids Domain’s for parents too: A feature on the Web site and its co-founder, mother and editor Cindy Sorrels – 12/8/00 issue
  • Web ratings: Big step forward: An interview with Stephen Balkam, executive director of the Internet Content Rating Association ( about the 2000 ratings relaunch – 11/10/00 issue
  • Using search engines in school: A K-5 teacher of computers and the Internet shares her experience – 9/8/00 issue
  • Online privacy for families: Interview with the people at, consumer privacy advocates – 7/28/00 issue
  • Bobby Charles on drug-trafficking on the Internet – 7/14/00 issue
  • Subscriber Elaine on her family’s experience with online sex & instant messaging – 7/7/00 issue
  • Sixth-grader Madeline, her mom and teacher: Prize-winning Web sites designers – 6/30/00 issue issue
  • Emily’s story: A sixth-grader’s positive and negatives Web experiences – 6/9/00 issue issue
  • Profile of a connected family: A Georgia family’s Internet-use policy and experiences – 6/2/00 issue issue
  • Video chat for families: Interview with the people at CU-SeeMe World – 5/19/00 issue
  • The “lunchables” phase of kids’ online privacy: Interview with Shelley Pasnik of the Center for Children and Technology – 5/5/00 issue issue
  • Tech support for grandparents: Interview with the people at – 4/14/00 issue
  • Nine-year-old Alyssa: Interview with the people at CU-SeeMe World – 3/24/00 issue
  • Second-grade teacher Linda Montag: How she uses the Web in her classroom – 3/3/00 issue
  • Challis Ireland and her fifth-grade class: Connecting around the world – 2/18/00 issue
  • Madison School District’s Internet decisions: Interview with technology director Bob Burwood – 2/11/00 issue
  • The Monkey’s news: Interview with the people at about the service’s new kids’ privacy measures – 2/4/00 issue
  • All about you!: Our subscribers’ own family Internet policies and views – 12/17/99 issue
  • Sixth-grader Graeme, online-safety expert: On safe chat for kids – 10/15/99 issue
  • 18-year-old Jasper: Interview with a self-avowed hacker about boys’ interests in cyberspace – 8/27/99 issue
  • Gen Katz, expert on girls & computers: Interview on girls and digital media – 8/20/99 issue
  • Ray Franklin, publisher of The Hate Directory: interview about online hate – 7/23/99
  • Ferdinando Offelli, principal of Scuola Media Statale (Junior High) in northern Italy: The view on connected kids in Italy – 7/9/99 issue
  • Support for teens in online chat: Exchange between subscriber Shelley and Cybermoms – 7/2/99 issue (Also in the issue: A grandmother’s view on filtering in public spaces)
  • Carol Martin, tech coordinator, Logan Elementary School (Maryland): Interview on the impact of Net connectivity on a school – 5/13/99 issue
  • One family’s house rules for online time: A subscriber writes – 5/6/99 issue
  • Marilyn Tsirigotis, reference librarian in South Carolina: Interview on library Internet policy – 2/25/99 issue
  • An extended family’s use of the Internet: Interview with John, a grandfather in New York State – 1/21/99 issue
  • 2 international families: Interviews with family members in Connecticut and Australia – November ’98 issue
  • Della Curtis, school district technology directory: Interview on what’s happening with the Internet at Baltimore County Public Schools – October ’98 issue (Also in the issue: Don’t miss our interview with grandmother Angie Papaccio in New Jersey)
  • Interviews with 4 kids’ online privacy experts – September ’98 issue
  • Judy Whitcomb, junior high science teacher: Interview on the Internet’s impact on her students – June ’98 issue
  • 11-year-old Christopher and his mom: A child’s- and parent’s-eye-view of online chat and kids – May ’98 issue
  • Two teachers on using the Net in the classroom: 9th-grade teacher Marel Rogers in Connecticut and 8th-grade teacher Judy Whitcomb in Chicago – October ’97 issue
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