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Welcome to NetFamilyNews!

As a public service for parents, educators, and everyone interested in young people’s use of technology, NetFamilyNews is the “community newspaper” of a vital interest community. Founded in 1999, the weekly Net Family Newsletter soon had subscribers in more than 50 countries and, now in blog form, it has become a journal-of-record on all aspects of youth and technology (use the search box to look for info and links through the years on subjects such as “citizenship,” “privacy,” “cyberbullying,” “free speech,” etc.)

NetFamilyNews is based on the premise that informed parents and educators are key to a constructive public discussion about youth safety and well-being in digital spaces – a discussion that not only supports children’s healthy development but also good policymaking at local and national levels. Because in today’s very mobile, social and user-driven media environment, the best so-called “parental control tool” is actually more about developing self-knowledge, empathy, resilience and self-regulation than installing software on devices. It’s the software in children’s heads.

NetFamilyNews covers…

  • Research about kids’ use of digital media and the Net
  • Trends in technologies and media young people use and Web resources for kids
  • Online safety and privacy developments and tools
  • Policymaking affecting children’s online experience
  • Developments in connected learning and education technology

Anne Collier is editor of NetFamilyNews and executive director of its parent, Tech Parenting Group, a nonprofit organization she founded in 1999. Anne’s bio is here.

NetFamilyNews’s sister site is, which Anne co-directs with Larry Magid, publisher of A bit of ancient history: In 1998-’99 NFN was a sponsor of America Links Up, a nationwide Internet education campaign launched during the first National Kids Online Week in September of that year (the site is now housed at the Computer Museum).

E-mail us anytime with thoughts on what you’d like to see in the newsletter, your own family’s online experiences, or comments about what’s going on with the Internet at large or in your own community. We always love hearing from fellow parents.

Tech Parenting Group is a not-for-profit, 501(c)3 organization registered in Connecticut and Utah. Your contributions are tax-deductible and most welcome! Contributions can easily be made electronically from our Supporters page, or makes checks payable to:

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Thank you supporting NetFamilyNews. We are always happy to hear from readers and potential supporters. Send emails to anne[at]