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81% of teens use privacy settings: Study

Here’s news many people wouldn’t expect to read: Of all age groups surveyed by a just-released US survey, teens were the biggest users of online privacy settings, “with 81% using privacy settings when setting up an online profile, compared to 76% of adults and 66% of tweens” (10-to-12-year-olds), according to the 2nd-annual Yahoo! Online Safety Survey. Teens are also best at monitoring their reputations online: “68% have searched for their name online, closely followed by adults (65%) and tweens (43%),” the study found. Conducted by independent polling company Ipsos, the survey also found that things have improved where parents and privacy are concerned. More than three-quarters (78%) of adults say they have a good understanding of privacy settings online, compared to 66% in 2010, and more than half (51%) “believe privacy controls give people enough control over their personal information, compared to 38% in 2010.” The vast majority of parents are still concerned about their kids’ online safety (72%), but that percentage has gone down six percentage points over the past year. Maybe that’s because an even bigger majority of parents (88%) “are talking with their kids about online safety, compared to 70% last year” – 60% at least once a month, compared to 45% last year – Yahoo and Ipsos found. And a lot of kids – 81% of 10-to-12-year-olds – credit their parents’ help. Here’s coverage at CBS News (video).

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