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eDonkey passes up BitTorrent

One thing about file-sharing (tunes, films, games, etc.) has changed and one thing hasn’t. What’s the same, despite thousands of entertainment-industry lawsuits against file-sharers around the world, is the amount of P2P activity worldwide. What’s different, according to UK P2P-traffic-management firm CacheLogic, is that eDonkey is now file-sharers’ favorite P2P program, CNET reports. A year ago CacheLogic found that BitTorrent file-sharing accounted for half of all file-sharing activity, and file-sharing accounted for 50-70% of all “data traffic on ISP networks,” surpassing even Web use. New No. 1 eDonkey is “a rival with more power to search for content,” but with “speedy download features” similar to BitTorrent’s. Edonkey “has been translated into local languages in many countries around the world, aiding its spread overseas,” CNET adds. The Good Morning Silicon Valley blog points out that lawsuits do seem to cause migration from one P2P technology to another (Gnutella, once considered dead, is back in the running), but do not seem to affect overall file-sharing numbers. See also “File-sharing realities for families.”

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