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Predator in phone chat

This commentary by Fox News legal specialist Lis Wiehl shows how predation is not restricted to any particular technology, which parents need to know. A Georgia 14-year-old “joined Quest Personals, a phone chat service, after seeing it advertised on television,” Wiehl reports in, adding that the site has a minimum age of 18 but has no security measures that enforce that minimum. So “Julie Doe” signed up and was approached by a number of men. She and a friend went to meet and had sex with one of them on two different nights. The mother found out from phone bills and finally answering the phone one night and hearing a man asking for “Julie.” She requested that Quest Personals delete her child’s voice-chat profile, and the company refused. The mother sued Quest Personals, and the lawsuit is still pending. Her daughter’s assailant was convicted of assault and is serving 20 years.

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