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Facebook passes up Orkut in India

Though Twitter’s experiencing the fastest growth in India, Facebook moved passed Google’s Orkut into the No. 1 slot for social networking there, with 20.9 million visitors in July, a 179% increase over July 2009, reports IBN Live in India, citing comScore findings. Twitter grew 239% year over year, while Orkut grew just 16% in India this past year. According to IBN Live, “more than 33 million Internet users aged 15 and above visited social networking sites in India, representing 84% of the total Internet audience. While India’s total Internet audience grew 13%, social networking usage rose 43%.” All this makes India No. 7 for worldwide social networking, following the US, China, Germany, Russia, Brazil, and the UK, in that order. [Social networking is now Americans’ No. 1 online activity, Nielsen reported in August (see my post about it).]

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  1. This isn’t surprising, with Facebook’s potent influence on everyone, even people who doesn’t have Facebook accounts yet would be forced to make a facebook account.This happened to me before when I still don’t have a Facebook account. I was forced to make an account because the net plugin that I was using to view a video clipping asked for my facebook account for me to watch the video.

    September 3, 2010

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